At Cropland, we genuinely believe that data driven decisions are a foundation for the future.

Based on our vision, we cultivate data and enable managers to optimize the effectiveness of their organisations. As a mixed team of business consultants and data experts, we explore the fertile soil of your company, your cropland.

1. INTERNAL data


2. EXTERNAL data


3. NETWORK data

Although obvious at first sight, connecting data between departments still remains a challenge for many companies. Business intelligence and data warehousing is available but sometimes, it gets stuck within the data silo's. At starting point, we analyse the available internal data collected in one or more of the four Cropland Data Sources.


After exploring the available data, we look for associations and correlations with external sources. Open data, but also paid information from other stakeholders or data providers are combined. Unexpected and/or unlikely factors e.g. weather conditions; demographics or social media could have an important influence.


Without exposing company-sensitive information, Cropland will explore patterns and predictive insights based on data sharing. The Data Pool is a network of interconnected, complementary businesses in order to reveal critical blind spots. Hence, the end result will be greater than the sum of the parts.

How we work:



Starting from your organisation’s driving forces, we identify data source(s) where data could bring added value to you.


After collecting the required information, we focus on understanding and pre-processing the data. Finally, we determine the data mining objectives.


In our data lab, we analyse sources and develop features on which predictive algorithms are built and data patterns are explored.


The modeling and pattern outcomes are visualized and interpreted, unlocking all new strategic insights that feed the business case.


Finally, we deploy the business case into the daily operations as possible feedback loops, early warning systems and/or continuing monitoring tools.

The Cropland team consists of data evangelists & data scientists.

A unique combination of business consultancy with an eye on data and
technical data scientists & analysts allows us to optimally search for your fertile soil, your Cropland.


We are very proud to be working for and with our customers. Some of our references are:

As part of our project approach, we monitor our performance.  Our current NPS is at 50%.