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RPA and data engineering to increases time to market and operational excellence


Across Health is a boutique consultancy, providing pragmatic and end-to-end advice to senior leaders of innovative, multinational healthcare organisations. They develop, execute and measure customer engagement strategies. Furthermore, they implement company wide digital innovation and transformation programmes. Their goal? Unlocking growth opportunities and strengthening their clients’ competitive advantage.

Objectives of the cooperation

CROPLAND and Across Health have forged a long-term partnership. The CROPLAND consultants are embedded in the product team and contribute to the development of new data-driven products in the Navigator 365™ suite with data engineering and data science expertise.

In the past, Across Health provided insights to their clients in the form of manually prepared PDF reports that were based on spreadsheets. These reports were very time-consuming, labour-intensive and prone to errors and inconsistencies. CROPLAND was tasked with consolidating the data, building a reporting engine, and creating a data-driven document generation service.


CROPLAND migrated all the data into a professional and scalable database. Based on this database, we built a reporting API that allows the extraction of Across Health’s proprietary insights from the raw data. This API powers the cloud products that are offered by Across Health.

Next, using RMarkdown, we developed a document generation service that draws on the API to build nicely formatted PDF and PowerPoint documents with stunning visualisations.


Through this automated approach, Across Health has saved substantial time and costs on manual labour. This has allowed their business to grow substantially. In addition, the API has enabled them to offer more value to their customers, who can now use an interactive web application to filter, combine, and compare the different datasets included in their subscriptions.

Technology Data wrangling I R I R Markdown I Kubernetes I Azure I microservices I API

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