Boost your effectiveness, target the right customers

Customer segmentation

Who are your customers?
Are they all alike and do you differentiate them?
What is their preferential buying behavior?

Cropland Navigator is a multi-stakeholder database that offers a multi-dimensional insight; it creates tailor-made customer segments thanks to its detailed profiling capabilities. It completes your customer blind spots as it is the missing pieces of information you need in order to execute a customer centric approach.

  • Big Data customer profiling
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Omni-channel marketing approach

Data Story

'A provider of B2B utilities had a classic 3-layer segmentation approach of 'high', 'medium' and 'low' customers. Internal revenue-related data was used to classify each customer into one of the three segments.
Cropland Navigator was used to optimise the customer segmentation approach.  The B2B customer universe was segmented and customer clusters were computed, thanks to the multi-source data set of Navigator.
Segment consistencies improved, targeting effectiveness increased and a customer centricity implementation was succesfully finished.'


Improve your hit rates in finding new customers

Lead qualification

How do you expand and explore new markets?
Where do you find qualified leads?
What are your conversion rates?

Grow your business with qualified prospection; find the leads that you really need in Cropland Navigator.

Cropland Navigator will help you find “customers-like-yours” or discover other market opportunities.

  • Profiling
  • Selection
  • Filtering

Data story

"A manufacturer of raw materials in the construction sector wanted to generate an outbound prospection list with leads based on sector classification code.
As they were unsuccessful in the past to optimize this lead generation, they asked Cropland for a new approach.  We used Cropland Navigator to qualify the right targets and optimised the list thanks to text-mining algorithms on public data sources.  
The success rate of outbound actions increased, both in targeting correctness and conversion rates."

Database management starts with accurate data

Data quality

Is your database up to date?
Do data stewards guard accuracy?
How do you clean?

Data is the new oil, but the saying "garbage in - garbage out" remains.  Use Cropland Navigator to analyze data quality and to cleanse where necessary. The multi-stakeholder data eco-system will help to find correct and commercially accurate information.

  • Data update
  • RFM analysis

Data Story

"An major B2B and B2C service provider from the financial industry was working with a retail networked sales organisation.  Because of data quality issues, important customer mailings (e.g. contract and invoice related) did not always get delivered; also VAT information was regularly missing or incorrect.

Cropland Navigator was used to identify data inconsistencies and cleanse the dataset.  Because of the multi-stakeholder data eco-system and the link with public open data government data set, data quality was improved."

Analyse the market and find the opportunities


Where do you score better than others?
Where are the market opportunities?
Can you find your blind spots?

Thanks to the nearly real-time data eco-system, Cropland Navigator allows you to search for market opportunities; benchmark yourself within and between industries, regions and many other parameters.

  • Market potential
  • Market mapping
  • Market penetration