We admit, we do love nature and we’re not afraid to put our hands into soil. But as our name might tell differently, Cropland’s passion is all about … DATA

To help our customers optimize the effectiveness of their organisations, we explore the fertile soil of your organisation, your cropland. In order to do so, we provide following services:


Data Engineering

The art of unlocking companies’ data, by using automatic or manual connections, by transforming system data into business features or parameters, but also by cleansing and consolidating data into one or more meaningful data repositories.


Data Analysis

The power of understanding our customers’ business model and analyzing the available data sets in order to optimize day-to-day operations.

Data Science

The science of generating insights with statistical modeling, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. Using different data sources and business rationale we correlate data, perform predictions, and support our customers’ business with data science.


Data Visualisation

The skill to translate data into images, by building the right charts for the right purpose, generating meaningful dashboards and pictures that truly paint a thousand words.