Boost your effectiveness, target the right customers

Customer segmentation

Who are your customers?
Are they all alike and do you differentiate them?
What is their preferential buying behavior?

Cropland Navigator is a multi-stakeholder database that offers a multi-dimensional insight; it creates tailor-made customer segments thanks to its detailed profiling capabilities. It completes your customer blind spots as it is the missing pieces of information you need in order to execute a customer centric approach.

  • Big Data customer profiling
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Omni-channel marketing approach

Data Story

'A provider of B2B utilities had a classic 3-layer segmentation approach of 'high', 'medium' and 'low' customers. Internal revenue-related data was used to classify each customer into one of the three segments.
Cropland Navigator was used to optimise the customer segmentation approach.  The B2B customer universe was segmented and customer clusters were computed, thanks to the multi-source data set of Navigator.
Segment consistencies improved, targeting effectiveness increased and a customer centricity implementation was succesfully finished.'