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Research and development

Canda is the data analysis tool and an all-in-one data platform for your business. It allows for a clear, secure and continuous creation and distribution of data insights to you, your team or your clients. Canda enables you to wrangle your own data, create algorithms and generate clear outcomes. 

CROPLAND offers the possibility to integrate your data into Canda so that you can easily and securely access your data dashboard at all times.

TRGT Data is an A.I. tool that provides accurate data about your target audience. It collects all information about companies, from their actual activity to the structure of their organization. This enables you to identify which companies belong to your target audience and how to approach them most effectively.

TRGT Data enriches your database with quality data about your target audience. Having the right data is crucial in today’s world. The market is becoming increasingly competitive, the battle for customers is fiercer than ever, and the many possibilities of digitization mean that competitors are constantly nipping at your heels.

Unite Data is software that unites multiple databases. The software combs the databases, looking for connections between data. It deletes duplicates, fixes mistakes or flags irregularities.

The result? You have one insightful database with clear and correct data.

Key benefits:

  • Unite Data always ensures up-to-date data in your CRM.
  • Unite Data combines multiple systems into one database.
  • Unite Data cleans data and removes duplicates.


To ensure high-quality services and products, CROPLAND only works together with the best, leading partners in the industry.

CROPLAND is part of the Posit Full Service Partner Program. As a certified partner, CROPLAND resells Posit’s Professional Products and provides all related services, such as installation, advice, product management, training, and application development.

Posit creates open-source software for data science, scientific research and technical communication. More concretely, they offer free code and training for people working with R and Python, the main coding programs CROPLAND uses.


ORANGE Data Analytics and CROPLAND are in a shared partnership and have cooperated on many projects already.

ORANGE delivers raw mobile data to CROPLAND which we transform into actionable insights. CROPLAND manages several projects where data-driven insights form an indispensable part of the strategy.

CROPLAND and GraydonCreditsafe are long-time partners.
CROPLAND manages GraydonCreditsafe’s database and provides data-driven insights in an online, secured dashboard.

GraydonCreditsafe converts these insights into valuable economic, financial and commercial insights for their clients. They provide their clients with predictive analyses, models and scores that help their clients make better business decisions.

CROPLAND has its own educational hub on Youtube

CROPLAND has its own educational hub on Youtube where we share knowledge on the how’s and why’s of A.I.. Alongside informational video’s, there’s also step-by-step tutorials to improve your coding and data skills

A.I. Service provider

Our team of business analysts and data scientists

Continuously searching for the wonders in the data

Data scientist

Enthusiastic and realistic A.I. developer, and proud supporter of the one and only “ploeg van’t stad”

Data scientist

Dreamer, trapped in the body of a pragmatist

Business analyst

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Energetic and burgundian translator “A.I. - Business”


Python wrangler and pandas lover

Data scientist

Converted linguist, with the passion and tenacity to turn dirty data into ML models

Data scientist

Always curious, from music to data, from sustainability to finance

Business analyst

Efficiency enthusiast who likes cracking hard puzzles

Data scientist

Making the data speak to me …

Data scientist

Here at CROPLAND we like to compare

your data to seeds
In order for those seeds to be of any value to you, you have to plant them into the fertile soil: your company. Our team consists of data analysts and data scientists who are the absolute best in looking after the little seedlings you planted, using the power of Artificial Intelligence. Together, we will make them grow. Together, we will take care of your cropland.  

Our mission

At CROPLAND, we strongly believe that data-driven decisions are the future. That is why we want to enable our customers to explore the benefits of their data.

Through the use of machine learning and A.I., companies are able to explore all the benefits of data. Via tailored services and secure and reliable tools, CROPLAND guides you through the ever-growing amount of data.

Our values

Although we do develop them, we are not robots ourselves. Our team is happy to get up from behind their screens and assure you of a pleasant and warm contact with your consultant.

We speak your language, avoid fancy buzz words and share our expertise. Our data analysts and data scientists always make sure they double and triple check the final product before delivering it to you. That way you get the most reliable and efficient output possible.

Our Security Statement

“Security is an extremely important factor in data processing.
It plays a vital role in the services and products we offer.
For this reason, data security and protection are part of our operating system. The collection of measures we take, ensures us of more time to concentrate on the things that really matter: discovering new insights to optimize the efficiency of your company”

- Geert Vromman -
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