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CROPLAND was instrumental in moving our flagship Navigator omnichannel mix offering to the cloud in 2019 – in under 6 months, thanks to a powerful combination of a no-nonsense, can-do approach, deep data science expertise and a robust partnership sentiment.

One year on, our platform has continued to expand through strong cross fertilisation between the CROPLAND and Across Health teams. We look forward to continuing our journey together!

- Fonny Schenk, CEO Across Health -

Our partnership with CROPLAND has enabled us to shift into a higher gear and, in turn, to deliver key strategic insights to our clients.

These insights which CROPLAND generates with their A.I. algorithms have allowed us to have a real and tangible impact on the strategy and day-to-day operations of our clients.

- Peter Gazelle, Managing Director Graydon Belgium -

Our partnership with CROPLAND has been a major asset for us, due to both their technical, as well as interpersonal strength. The CROPLAND team dares to ask critical questions and to brainstorm about the best approach.

Furthermore, they are able to make complex data analyses tangible, and to translate them to the level of the customer, at any level of the corporate ladder.

- Frederic Verstraeten, IS - Commercial Business Partner Sibelco -

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Companies with a data driven approach