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Generating actionable insights with Artificial Intelligence


Graydon converts large amounts of data from various sources into information. They believe that transparency strengthens trust between business partners and acts as a facilitating actor. By generating valuable economic, financial and commercial insights, Graydon’s clients can make better business decisions and gain competitive advantages.

Objectives of the cooperation

The societal impact of crime, fraud and financial scams is enormous. In Belgium alone, the financial losses for governments and companies suffering from such practices result in tens of millions of euros each year. CROPLAND was asked to analyse different data sources to deliver new, actionable insights for Graydon’s customers so that they can make smart business decisions and minimise risks.


CROPLAND analysed different data sources of companies, financial markets and time-series based data. In combination with neural networks and A.I. algorithms, CROPLAND provided new, strategic insights and predictions to Graydon’s customers.


Thanks to these data insights, Graydon’s customers have, on average, been able to achieve a return of at least 5 to 10 times their investment. Alongside this, customers were able to form a good idea of existing opportunities and the accompanying risks. This awareness has led to many fruitful collaborations and successful deals. 
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