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Security Statement

Security is an extremely important factor in data processing. It plays a vital role in the services and products we offer. For this reason, data security and protection are part of our operating model and daily habits. The measures we implement, allow us to concentrate on what matters most for our customers: discovering new insights to improve the efficiency of their organizations, and discover new strategic insights.

What do security & data protection mean at CROPLAND?

Our business consultants and data scientists are trained in GDPR regulation, but also and more importantly in the State Of The Art (SOTA) of ICT security and data protection. We work with a data protection officer to guide us in our data journeys and to be compliant with the latest regulations; for our daily (data) operations, we also periodically have an external partner run security assessments on our on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

Several measures that are employed at CROPLAND:

  • If Personal Data is part of a project, we start by signing a Data Processing Agreement;
    Dedicated people that are responsible for information security;
  • Regular training and updates on the SOTA with regards to GDPR and information security;
  • Access to Personal Data on a need-to-know basis, closely monitored and logged; where applicable, data minimization and/or pseudonimization for our project work is implemented;
  • Logical (MFA) & physical access security and technical management of authorizations;
  • Close management of potential technical vulnerabilities and patches;
    A data breach & security incident process.

What does this mean in practice?

  1. We always start with the Data Processing Agreement, with discussions on the data processing purposes, the data subjects, the categories, etc;
  2. If Personal Data is transferred, we make sure the most secure communication methods are applied. We work with Tresorit AG, as a SOTA data transfer partner;
  3. Data access is role-based (on a need to know basis) and data is stored in project-specific encrypted Vaults (encryption at rest as well as in transfer).

In case you want to know more about your rights regarding privacy (as a customer or as an employee at CROPLAND), please visit our privacy statement on our website. More information about general terms and conditions can also be found on our website.

If you want to ask us more in depth questions about our security measures, please contact us by writing to Willem Van Laarstraat 86 – 2600 Antwerpen (Belgium) or send us an e-mail at