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The future of A.I. and data strategy

At CROPLAND, we’re excited to share a shift in our approach to data engineering, made possible through our recent collaboration in the VLAIO ICON project, ‘CoCoNuT’. Partnering with DistriNet Research Unit @KU Leuven and GraydonCreditsafe Belgium, and guided by the leadership of Bert Lagaisse, Vincent Naessens, Michiel Willocx, and Dimitri Van Landuyt, we have forged new paths in anonymizing data and generating synthetic data. 

This venture not only enhances our position as a leading authority in our market segment, particularly within the realms of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), but also specializes us in the secure and confidential sharing of sensitive business information. Our newly acquired expertise effectively lowers the barrier for our clients eager to harness the power of ML and A.I., without risking their data integrity. 

Thanks to our strides in the CoCoNuT project, CROPLAND is now uniquely positioned to develop high-quality Machine Learning models using anonymous data. This expertise is a game-changer for ML applications that rely on highly sensitive data, such as medical records and financial transactions, ensuring our clients’ sensitive information remains secure from potential leaks in ML models, as they are trained on anonymized data. 

The CoCoNuT project has equipped us better to tackle the challenges of data privacy, helping our clients make significant advances in their technological development! 

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