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Larger scale automatic text processing increases performance


The main objective for this client was to increase data quality and operational efficiency when processing data from legal data sources such as the Official Belgian Gazette, important legal events, new laws, … . Our client wanted to switch from a manual task to an automated one. The software would allow to expand the volume of documents processed and would increase the quality of captured insights.

Objectives of the cooperation

CROPLAND developed an optical character recognition (OCR) software that automatically processes publications from the Belgian Official Gazette. The software detects key information fields in the journals, e.g., names of people and companies, official law text references, outcomes of lawsuits, … . The software runs in an API modus at CROPLAND and the data endpoints are injected into the structured database of our client. The data also upgraded existing, historic datasets by completing data fields that were originally manually injected into the system.


Next to the RPA software, CROPLAND also developed a scorecard that helps legal councils when entering into legal conversations, i.e. “What is the chance that we can win this case?”. As a result, the team of domain experts were able to increase both the volume and quality of the output. This led to a strengthening in the position of the company on the market and an increase in user base.
Technology Image processing I Predictive analytics I Python I OCR​    

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