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Generating Smart City insights with Big Data


The city of Antwerp’s tourism department focuses on tourism and the economic impact of tourism on the city and its income.

Objectives of the cooperation

Together with Orange, CROPLAND was asked to provide insights on two things. Firstly, we were asked to provide continuous insights into the economic impact of tourists, day visitors, shoppers,… . Secondly, we were asked to support law-enforcement and public safety officials with live information on the movements and sizes of crowds during large-scale public events.


We developed several interactive live dashboards that deliver strategic insights into the tourist activity in key areas of interest. For example, there are algorithms that allow us to compute the number of tourists that visit Antwerp with or without staying the night, the number of commuters, the number of people who go shopping, the number of residents, … .

During major public events such as the 10 miles of Antwerp, Antwerp Pride, Tall Ships Race, … CROPLAND contributes to public safety with live crowd monitoring and additional insights regarding mobility behaviour in and around the city.


The City of Antwerp receives an interactive monthly report on the number of visitors. There are extensive filtering options built in which allows city officials to tailor the data and the insights to their own specific needs. During events, the live crowd monitor is an indispensable tool for the city’s security department to establish the crowd density in certain areas of the city. It allows the police department to direct crowd flows, ensuring the audience’s safety.

For the city’s mobility research department, the insights prepared by CROPLAND deliver objective measurements of traffic in and around the city. This allows the traffic department to optimise traffic flows with new routes and interactive signalling systems.

In short, CROPLAND and Orange’s insights have enabled Antwerp to attract and invest in key events in the city. Thanks to our product and expertise, the City of Antwerp has been able to predict and maximise the economic return from these investments, both for the city itself and the local retail sector.

There is a video on the CROPLAND YouTube channel all about monitoring a crowd for safety and security.

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