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April insights: discover the power of A.I. in your organization

In a world where technology evolves at a breakneck pace, artificial intelligence offers unprecedented opportunities for your organization. From improving customer interactions to redefining operational efficiency, A.I. is at the heart of the next wave of business innovation.

That’s why we’re excited to share three inspiring stories about the power of A.I. in practice!

Thinking fast and slow, the importance of data-driven insights

Following the recent passing of Nobel winner and psychologist Daniel Kahneman, we would like to highlight his work “Thinking, Fast and Slow” and the accompanying dual-process theory once more. In a nutshell: our brain can think in two ways – instinctively and emotionally on one hand, or slower, more deliberate, and logical on the other.

In a world where quick judgments and intuition often prevail, it’s tempting to rely on experience and ‘gut feelings’. However, research shows that even the most seasoned decision-makers are susceptible to unconscious biases or cognitive errors. Therefore, it’s essential that you support your organization with data-driven insights that provide a robust, objective framework for business decisions.

By using data as a compass, we move away from instinctive, hasty decisions towards well-thought-out, substantiated strategies that lead to significant progress and long-term success for your organization.

AstraZeneca's journey with A.I.

During a conversation with Daan Vens (Innovation and Business Director at AstraZeneca BeNeLux), our CEO Geert discussed how CROPLAND, in collaboration with AstraZeneca, has integrated A.I. to enhance their customer segmentation and marketing strategies. This video reveals the initiatives and insights that have propelled AstraZeneca to a higher level of customer interaction and business efficiency.

The A.I. revolution and SMEs: a missed opportunity?

Despite proven benefits, research by Visma shows that only a small percentage of SMEs embrace A.I., primarily due to a lack of knowledge and deep-seated mistrust. Read in this study about the challenges and misconceptions that prevent smaller businesses from implementing A.I. technologies, and discover how you can increase awareness and education in the acceptance of A.I. in your organization.

With these stories, we are eager to showcase the diversity of A.I. applications, as well as the necessity for organizations of all sizes to build knowledge about and trust in A.I. technologies.

Is your organization ready for the next step in A.I.? Stay informed!

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