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CROPLAND joins the RStudio Full Service Partner program

Antwerp, December 8 2020 – On Tuesday, November 17th 2020, RStudio officially welcomed CROPLAND to the RStudio Full Service Partner Program. As a certified partner, CROPLAND will now resell RStudio Professional Products and provide all related services, such as installation, advisory, product management, training, and application development.

Nowadays, more than ever before, we live in a world where the vast majority of our business operations and processes are digitized. In fact, for the majority of companies, more than 80% of daily operations are managed in or by an IT system: HRMS, ERP, CRM, Marketing Automation, Accounting, WMS, … The drawback is that each of these systems only contains a specific part of the business process. An important challenge for companies today, in order to create real business value, consists of connecting the data dots that reside inside these data “silos”.

Ever since our founding back in 2013, CROPLAND has realized that finding a satisfactory solution to such a complex challenge requires the use of open-source, code-based tools (as opposed to proprietary point-and-click analysis suites). Code-based data wrangling, visualization and modelling has proven over and over again to be a scalable and reproducible pathway to delivering value for our customers.

The open-source and professional tools developed by RStudio have proven to be best-in-class. Therefore, in 2018, we started to invest in certification programs for our employees so that they can better assist our customers with coding, data science and modelling skills. A logical next step was to apply for FSP certification with RStudio.

We are now very happy to announce our official partnership and communicate that as of today we will also provide installation, support and advisory solutions for RStudio Professional products (for both on-premise and private cloud environments).

In order for businesses to start discovering the power of Artificial Intelligence and code-based data science, CROPLAND has developed croplandSEEDS, an online platform to get started with AI. Just log in with your username and password, and you can start pulling in data from your different sources, perform data wrangling and visualization, and develop AI algorithms.

Moreover, with just the click of a button, your outcomes can be shared with colleagues and non-technical end users in the form of dashboards, documents, images, or even APIs. In other words, our pay-as-you-go platform, which is built on RStudio Professional Products, is the ideal entry point to get started on creating real value from your data.

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About RStudio, PBC: Inspired by innovators in science, education, government, and industry, RStudio, PBC develops free and open-source tools for R, as well as enterprise-ready professional products for teams who use both R and Python, to scale and share their work. #RStudio-PBC

Contact: At RStudio, PBC: Samantha Toet, Partner Marketing and at CROPLAND: Geert Vromman, CEO.

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