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Connect the data dots and discover your data story

Given the current situation, we are obliged to work from home. Companies are setting up different IT systems to make sure this working-from-home situation is moderated properly. But are these IT systems the ultimate solution, or is there more to it?

Vissen naar data in een mensenstroom

Antwerpen is in de ban van de Tall Ships Races. Nog tot zondag is een vijftigtal majestueuze zeilschepen te bewonderen aan de Scheldekaaien, het Katten- dijkdok en de dokken rond het MAS. De stad verwacht een half miljoen bezoekers.

The General Directory of the Walloon Service for Public Roads wins the Agoria Smart Cities Award 2017

Orange and Maxime Prévot, Walloon Minister of Public Works and Road Safety, are proud to announce that the Walloon Service for Public Roads received the “Agoria Smart Cities Award 2017” for the crowd monitoring initiative to solve the mobility problems resulting from the growing success of the Pairi Daiza family park. An action plan was imminent for the community of Gages to improve the daily life of its inhabitants during peak season, as well as the optimisation of traffic through the region as the roads could not handle heavy traffic jams.

Mobistar and CROPLAND map out crowds of people during large-scale events in commission of Antwerp’s city Council

Brussels, 14 April 2016 – Mobistar and CROPLAND are collaborating in commission of and with Antwerp´s city council to ensure the security of events and optimise the functioning of several Antwerp municipal departments. The new big data applications that the two players are implementing in 2016 will significantly improve the day-to-day functioning of the City of Antwerp, especially during the organisation of large-scale events.