The Internet of Things or a world where data emerges from connected devices, utilities and sensors. It allows to find and predict patterns within the multiple layers of machine communication. Typical questions to be answered: 

  • Are your products connected to the Internet or mobile network?
  • Do your consumers / users track their activity?
  • Are your production plants or finished products equipped with connected sensors?
  • Are your employees digitally connected?

Data cases:

  • Utility management of buildings and/or premises
  • Learning domotica at home
  • Connected and predictive healthcare based on wearable and smart device analysis
  • Security and safety prevention
  • Stress & burn-out detection

Data story

"A customer in charge of logistics had only an overall look on the delivery accuracy of their goods. As they were working with different third parties in parcel delivery, they wanted to have a view on recurrent anomalies with strong negative impact at end customer level. Cropland analyzed the data via pattern mining and revealed different delivery scores according the day of the week. On top, daily deliveries with small quantity parcels at the same addresses showed a clear inefficiency in the way the end customer was serviced. Cropland conducted an optimization exercise and showed the need for an internal reorganization of warehouses."