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Sales and marketing

Design impactful sales and marketing campaigns within one tool

The sales and marketing landscape is constantly changing and generating challenges for sales and marketing managers. New sales and communication channels, a growing mismatch between ICT (CRM and ERP) systems, an overload of disconnected data, changing market circumstances and budget pressures are just a few challenges that marketing and sales managers face.

CROPLAND connects all your data sources, assesses your data value and distils your required marketing and sales insights. So that you can achieve impactful, commercial excellence.

Machine learning and algorithms untangle the complex landscape of your marketing-and sales activity data. By connecting different data sources to a mutual dashboard, machine learning algorithms can identify interactions and patterns in the data.

The result?

  • A single overview of all your marketing activities and their impact
  • Insights in the true drivers for conversion

Tailor your marketing strategy to these data-driven insights and optimally segment your customers and leads.

Supply chain

Boost the efficiency of your supply chain

Because of digitalisation, customers have cross channel access to products, services and support. The impact on service and sales organisations and their ICT systems can not be overlooked. Specifically supply chain operations are challenged: how many (spare) items do you need to store? What are optimal stock levels? How can you predict volumes?

CROPLAND connects to your data sources, assesses the quality and predictability, and distils the required insights for an efficient supply chain.

CROPLAND employs machine learning and A.I. to find patterns in your supply chain datasets. By consolidating this data into one tool, you can optimise your stock levels, supply chain, traffic routing and so much more.

Adapt your supply chain operations to these data-driven insights and prevent dead stock or missed opportunities.

The result?

  • Identification of the most optimal stock levels and ordering process
  • Design of efficient logistical routes and traffic flows

Featured case

Set-up a compelling data workflow for building a global pricing strategy and secure customer loyalty

CROPLAND implemented result-oriented data wrangling pipes that consolidate pricing data into a global dataset. Discover more.

Featured case

Generate the optimal omnichannel mix for your client’s needs

Through machine learning, the algorithm generated a dynamic omni-channel mix, adjusted to the preferences of every client.

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